Bonifield Ag Marketing LLC.

Specialists in Futures and Options

In 2006, Bonfield Ag Marketing LLC. opened its doors in Dexter, Missouri. The purpose of Bonfield Ag Marketing LLC. is to provide comprehensive brokerage services to farmers and investors involved in the commodity futures and options markets. We serve both speculative and hedge clients across the United States and Canada.
It doesn't matter whether your trading approach is technical or fundamental, hedge or speculative, or long-term or daytrader. Bonfield Ag Marketing LLC. brokers are ready to assist you. Call or email us today to get started.

Tom Bonifield
Tom began his carrier with Bagby Brokerage in 1998. He graduated from Southwest Missouri State University with a comprehensive degree in Financial Management. He earned his MBA from William Woods University. Tom's professional background in commodities is complemented by his personal experience in Missouri's financial and agricultural communities. Tom is active in farming and lives in Broseley, Missouri.